Ch. 1 – Latin American Social Movements: Trends and Challenges

There are seven common trends in the modern Latin American social movement listed below. What would a parallel trend look like for social movements in the U.S.? Are the challenges different here? Do we have these same problems or their opposite? Would the same solutions work?

  • Territorialization of the movement.
  • Autonomy from the state and political parties.
  • Re-valorization of their culture and affirmation of their identity.
  • Formation of their own intellectuals, education of their own leaders.
  • Changing role of women, families as productive units.
  • Non-hierarchical work structure, minimal division of labor.
  • Self-affirming forms of action to make themselves visible.

The two extremes of the most significant debate are whether to opt for a centralized, highly visible organization or a diffuse, discontinuous one. Is this debate happening in the U.S.? What are your thoughts for them or us?

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