Ch. 5 – Collective De-alienations

Zibechi writes that “Emancipation is not an objective but a way of life.” He also states that “Understanding is a creative act” and one only understands what one lives. Do you agree with this?

The emancipatory climate is made up of social relations that facilitate learning, healing and production without reproducing the molds of the system. To remember is the opposite of ‘dismember’ – it puts the pieces back together. Are these social relations – learning, healing and production – dismembered in our society? Can we reintegrate them with family/neighborhood life?

Listen to the first hour of the Unwelcome Guests episode, Army of Dreamers (Understanding the Resistance to Corporate Rule), where Canadian journalist Naomi Klein speaks on “Fences and Windows: Dispatches from the Globalization Debate”. How does this inform our discussion of de-alienation?

Should we be an alien nation, in other words, a nation where everyone is alien and therefore no one is?

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