Ch. 3 – The Healing Power of the Community

Indigenous peoples are combining ancestral knowledge with modern medicine. Their first step in community healthcare is constructing a local dispensary for emergencies that cause the highest mortality rates. Could we do the same here at a fraction of medicare costs? Should our only socialized medicine be at the end of life?

In the indigenous cosmovision the health of individuals depends on the health of the community. What would that say about health in our society? Is our health affected by U.S. foreign policy? Would spaces for “harmoniously liberating the subconscious, both of the individual and the collective” help our mental health crisis?

The Zapatista health centers employ community volunteers who receive no salary but get food, travel expenses, footwear and clothes. If it weren’t for liability, could we do the same but provide vouchers for rent, mortgages, or farmer’s markets? What else could we do if there were no liability? Would a free school for herbalists, midwives and bonesetters be successful in our society?

What do you think about the “reflection groups” for personal problems and the idea that “fear is a sickness?” Do you believe “verticality induces sickness?” Could this explain the prevalence of anti-depressants in the U.S.? Should the U.S. have more peer counseling and “life-coaches” or is our culture psychopathic?

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