118. Pictures, Rap & Trash Scuptures

The Crisis of Credit Visualized – watch carefully and critically. What’s left out? Does it make you feel sorry for the banks and investors? Apply what you know about fractional reserve banking to their presentation of how banks borrow money for mortgages. How are the borrowers presented? How would this system work if public banks owned the mortgages, didn’t sell them to investors, and recirculated the payments back to the community?

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

Now in a different format – The Truth Is by Cale Sampson

Planet Earth is You by Carlos Chivera TV

The Washed Ashore Project

Learn more about the Washed Ashore Project, which seeks to educate and create awareness of marine debris and plastic pollution through art.

One Beach, a film about 5 individuals and organizations that are caring for their “one” beach with creative solutions to the problems of plastic debris.

A film by Jason Baffa. More at One Beach.

Video from KarmaTube

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