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120. Finite Hate and Infinite Love

Trans Bodies Under Attack Infinite Love in South Texas I’m Little…but I’m a Great Winner

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119. The Ukraine Puzzle

Should the Ukraine go with the European Union or the Eurasian Union? Should the US support the rebels or the government? Or is this all a false dilemma? I Am a Ukrainian Russian Special Forces Ready to Crush Opposition A … Continue reading

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118. Pictures, Rap & Trash Scuptures

The Crisis of Credit Visualized – watch carefully and critically. What’s left out? Does it make you feel sorry for the banks and investors? Apply what you know about fractional reserve banking to their presentation of how banks borrow money … Continue reading

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117. NetPositive Peace in the Garden

Harvard School of Public Health Professor Greg Norris speaks with the Harvard Office for Sustainability about how individuals and corporations can build thriving, netpositive enterprises, and do more good than harm. Norris is co-director of the Harvard Center for Global … Continue reading

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116. First Look, Second Chance, Sixth Extinction, Last Resort

Glenn Greenwald- Pierre Omidyar Journalism Venture: 3 min. Don at the Homeless Garden Project: 3 min. Elizabeth Kolbert on The Sixth Extinction: 22 min. Greg Grandin on Empire of Necessity: 20 min.

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