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114. Hope, Dance and Parasites in Paradise

A Message of Hope from EducateInspireChange: Japanese Light and Dance Performance: Pleiades The American Parasite – What’s Eating You? Some humor and life lessons – warning for some expletive use: Fake Snow? Deceptions Two: Lest We Forget 29 min.

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113. Sundance Shows Women

Interview with the director of Obvious Child, a romantic comedy featuring abortion Interview with the director and advocate for Private Violence about domestic abuse Interview with the director of We Are the Giant about a family of activists in Bahrain

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112. Time, Space and Fracking in Pictures

The History and Future of Time Fracking Explained: Opportunity or Danger? Climate Change and the Global Conveyor Belt The Solar System: Our Home in Space How Evolution Works Pole-Dancing Monks High-Diving Giraffes Crazy Chilean Bike Race

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