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26. Bahrain, Burma, Mali & the Merchant of Death

Democracy Now: Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark Democracy Now: Bahrain Hunger Striker Near Death Democracy Now: Ang Sang Suu Kyi wins Seat in Parliament Democracy Now: Taureg Rebels in Mali Declare Independence Democracy Now: Merchant of Death Sentenced

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25. Ideas & Ron Paul Politics

Steven Johnson: Where Good Ideas Come From: The Power of an Idea If You Don’t Care about Politics, Watch This:

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24. New Zealand, the Maldives & Spain

Alister Barry’s film about the privatization of New Zealand, Someone Else’s Country Democracy Now: Maldives President Part 1:  Part 2 Democracy Now: Report on Spain’s Austerity Measures

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23. Art Under Occupation

Farhat Art Museum Exhibit of Palestinian Art in memory of Scott Kennedy Family Ties: “Occupational Art” & “Art for the Sake of Humanity” Two human right exhibits in memory of Scott Kennedy from Farhat Art Museum on Vimeo.

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