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22. Children of the Tsunami

Ironweed Film: Children of the Tsunami Children of the Tsunami – Trailer from mrinal desai, dop on Vimeo.

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21. Window Gardens, Seed Banks & Leaderless Revolutions

TED talk by Britta Riley on open-source designed window gardens . Cary Fowler’s TED talk on the seed bank buried in a frozen mountain in Norway. The Leaderless Revolution:

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20. Curitiba & Jaime Lerner

TED talk by Jaime Lerner on Curitiba City of Dreams video on Curitiba

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19. Ron Paul on Healthcare & the Barefoot College

Ron Paul’s response to Wolff Blitzen: How Ron Paul would save the uninsured Ron Paul’s address to Congress on how to resolve healthcare TED talk on Barefoot College in India Video from KarmaTube. Restoring Rajasthan Lakshman Singh’s ingenious method of … Continue reading

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18. Amigo in the Philippines

Discussion Questions: 1. Who was right, the father who worked to compromise with the US soldiers, or the son who went to join the rebels and fight them? 2. What is the status of the Philippines currently? What does it … Continue reading

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