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3. Drug Wars in Mexico

Video on Mexican “drug war”: 7 min. Discussion Questions: Do you think the war on drugs is really about drugs? Is terrorist the new narcotrafficker which is the new communist? Should parents, who control their children’s access to money, have … Continue reading

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2: Gratitude, Healers & Giving Strategies

KarmaTube on Gratitude: 10 min. A film by Nic Askew. More at Discussion Questions: Are people in the US grateful for what they have? Why or why not? Have you had the kind of conversation he talks about, that … Continue reading

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1: Colombia FTA & Chinese Girls

Videos: Opposing the U.S.-Colombia FTA: 2 min. Discussion Questions: Is it better to make reparations or not cause harm in the first place? Do you think that the harm the US does has a psychological effect on us? Is their … Continue reading

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