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125. Cows, Money & Conditions

Holistic Land Management and Holy Cows: Allan Savory Money and Life The Conditioned Video from KarmaTube

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124. More Karma in a Tube

Owen and Haatchi: A Boy and His Dog – 10 min. Catch the Rain – 1 min. A film by Vinod. Play at Catch the Rain. Restoring the Dignity of Indigenous Agriculture – 9 min. A film by Jason Taylor. … Continue reading

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117. NetPositive Peace in the Garden

Harvard School of Public Health Professor Greg Norris speaks with the Harvard Office for Sustainability about how individuals and corporations can build thriving, netpositive enterprises, and do more good than harm. Norris is co-director of the Harvard Center for Global … Continue reading

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84. Swimming in Solutions

The Pernicious Effects of Economic Inequality Trailer for film-in-progress, The Spirit Level The Genuine Progress Indicator 11 Unbelievable Places That Are Hard to Believe Really Exist A Pep Talk from Kid President: Video from KarmaTube The Bank of North Dakota

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60. Forest Futures, Landfill Harmonics, Sleeping Children & Self-Taught Teens

The Future of a Forest: 15 min. A film by Michael Schwarz. More at Kikim Media. Video from KarmaTube Discussion Questions: Who sponsored this film? Do you think it’s propaganda? How would new regulations prevent Brazil from slowing or ending … Continue reading

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