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79. Money & Life

Global Wealth Inequality (4 min) Victoria Grant – a 12-year-old explains Canadian economics Feature-length film (1 hr, 27 min) of Money and Life. Video from KarmaTube

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71. Art & Activision

The Beehive Collective in Maine Check out what they do here. Instant Grants in the Park Instant Grant Program from Steve Lambert on Vimeo. Outside the Citadel, Social Practice Art Is Intended to Nurture A town-hall meeting on racial and … Continue reading

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1: Colombia FTA & Chinese Girls

Videos: Opposing the U.S.-Colombia FTA: 2 min. Discussion Questions: Is it better to make reparations or not cause harm in the first place? Do you think that the harm the US does has a psychological effect on us? Is their … Continue reading

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