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128. Science Snippets and Drone Wars

Nature by Numbers 4 min – thanks to Forbidden Knowledge TV for all videos Nature, Nurture or Epigenetics? 9 min Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways! – 7 min. Squeezing Water from Air – 2 min. Droning On – 1 hr Glenn Greenwald: … Continue reading

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124. More Karma in a Tube

Owen and Haatchi: A Boy and His Dog – 10 min. Catch the Rain – 1 min. A film by Vinod. Play at Catch the Rain. Restoring the Dignity of Indigenous Agriculture – 9 min. A film by Jason Taylor. … Continue reading

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120. Finite Hate and Infinite Love

Trans Bodies Under Attack Infinite Love in South Texas I’m Little…but I’m a Great Winner

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117. NetPositive Peace in the Garden

Harvard School of Public Health Professor Greg Norris speaks with the Harvard Office for Sustainability about how individuals and corporations can build thriving, netpositive enterprises, and do more good than harm. Norris is co-director of the Harvard Center for Global … Continue reading

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93. Real Power

Alexandra Bruce of FKTV writes: Here’s a happy story. The Osprey of the estuarine areas of New York State had faced extinction only 20 years ago and now, they’re fully back!I’ve been lucky enough to live near several visible nests … Continue reading

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