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122. Me Fall From Plastic

Are Any Plastics Safe? Plastic News – Conan O’Brian The Real Soup Video from KarmaTube The Real You – Alan Watts

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118. Pictures, Rap & Trash Scuptures

The Crisis of Credit Visualized – watch carefully and critically. What’s left out? Does it make you feel sorry for the banks and investors? Apply what you know about fractional reserve banking to their presentation of how banks borrow money … Continue reading

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116. First Look, Second Chance, Sixth Extinction, Last Resort

Glenn Greenwald- Pierre Omidyar Journalism Venture: 3 min. Don at the Homeless Garden Project: 3 min. Elizabeth Kolbert on The Sixth Extinction: 22 min. Greg Grandin on Empire of Necessity: 20 min.

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113. Sundance Shows Women

Interview with the director of Obvious Child, a romantic comedy featuring abortion Interview with the director and advocate for Private Violence about domestic abuse Interview with the director of We Are the Giant about a family of activists in Bahrain

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92. Forbidden Knowledge TV

Thank you to FKTV for a whole new source of great videos, both short and long! Here are some of them: You Get What You Pay For Why 30 is not the new 20 Who Killed Michael Hastings? Park Avenue: … Continue reading

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