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122. Me Fall From Plastic

Are Any Plastics Safe? Plastic News – Conan O’Brian The Real Soup Video from KarmaTube The Real You – Alan Watts

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114. Hope, Dance and Parasites in Paradise

A Message of Hope from EducateInspireChange: Japanese Light and Dance Performance: Pleiades The American Parasite – What’s Eating You? Some humor and life lessons – warning for some expletive use: Fake Snow? Deceptions Two: Lest We Forget 29 min.

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104. Caesar’s Messiah

This is the film that my good friend, Joe Atwill, made from his book, Caesar’s Messiah. As an exercise in discerning bias in journalism, compare these two articles about Atwill’s London conference: Yahoo News: Self-Professed Bible Scholar Makes Explosive Allegation … Continue reading

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35. Islam & the Arab Awakening

Islamic Scholar Tariq Ramadan on Islam and the Middle East Uprising

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32. Jesus Camp & Innocence of Muslims

Jesus Camp Preview of The Innocence of Muslims – horrible film that sparked Egyptian and Libyan attacks on embassy

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