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115. What’s Moscow Up To?

Russia makes up 40% of the continent of Europe, where 75% of Russia’s people live. But 75% of Russia’s land is in the continent of Asia. Why is Europe a continent and not Russia, if the line is going to … Continue reading

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101. Malala, Tristam and Rand Paul

Malala Yousafzai on Jon Stewart Malala’s words to President Obama on her personal visit: “I thanked President Obama for the United States’ work in supporting education in Pakistan and Afghanistan and for Syrian refugees,” she said in the statement. “I … Continue reading

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96. There’s No Free-Way

The 1996 documentary “Taken for a Ride.”

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88. Fear & Loathing in the Land of Milk & Honey

Nina Paley’s animation showing the history of Canaan/Palestine: For an explanation of who’s who, go to This Land is Mine on George Galloway on Israel’s invasion of Lebanon The Truthseeker on Russia Today regarding Obama and Bush as war … Continue reading

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85. Are You Bradley Manning?

I Am Bradley Manning leaked teaser Crowd-sourced Court Stenographer for Bradley Manning trial Web Exclusive: Julian Assange on Fighting the International Crackdown on WikiLeaks In this 40-minute web exclusive interview, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks discusses his more than 300 days … Continue reading

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