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127. Fear of a Free Planet

Stormtrooper Twerk Naked Bike Ride Aamer Rahman on Free Gaza Fear of a Brown Planet Black Power Mixtape Part 1 Black Power Mixtape Part 2

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122. Me Fall From Plastic

Are Any Plastics Safe? Plastic News – Conan O’Brian The Real Soup Video from KarmaTube The Real You – Alan Watts

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120. Finite Hate and Infinite Love

Trans Bodies Under Attack Infinite Love in South Texas I’m Little…but I’m a Great Winner

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119. The Ukraine Puzzle

Should the Ukraine go with the European Union or the Eurasian Union? Should the US support the rebels or the government? Or is this all a false dilemma? I Am a Ukrainian Russian Special Forces Ready to Crush Opposition A … Continue reading

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116. First Look, Second Chance, Sixth Extinction, Last Resort

Glenn Greenwald- Pierre Omidyar Journalism Venture: 3 min. Don at the Homeless Garden Project: 3 min. Elizabeth Kolbert on The Sixth Extinction: 22 min. Greg Grandin on Empire of Necessity: 20 min.

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