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119. The Ukraine Puzzle

Should the Ukraine go with the European Union or the Eurasian Union? Should the US support the rebels or the government? Or is this all a false dilemma? I Am a Ukrainian Russian Special Forces Ready to Crush Opposition A … Continue reading

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115. What’s Moscow Up To?

Russia makes up 40% of the continent of Europe, where 75% of Russia’s people live. But 75% of Russia’s land is in the continent of Asia. Why is Europe a continent and not Russia, if the line is going to … Continue reading

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103. Money – What’s the Solution?

The Henry George story continues, or rather goes backwards, to another Henry – the XIII – in the second part of Treason: The Crucible of Terror. I’m not certain if the idea that the Church and monastery system was a … Continue reading

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100! The Media is the Message

Outsider Artist Judith Scott Video from KarmaTube Costa-Gavras on Decades of Political Filmmaking

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87. The Fighting Irish

Parliamentarian Clare Daly objects to Ireland shipping weapons to Syria Parliamentarian Clare Daly on Edward Snowden

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