Global Context

  1. The Open Veins: Mining, Extraction, and Conquest
  2. Economics and the Money Myth
  3. Slavery and its DisContents
  4. Food Sovereignty vs. Free Trade
  5. Militarism and Migration
  6. Aid and AIDS: The Charity Model and Healthcare

Country by Country: Arts, Food, History, News

US History ala Zinn

  1. The Constitution and the “Anti-Federalists”
  2. Lies My Teacher Told Me
  3. History Counts

Divide and Conquer Strategies

  • “Give Me the Power to Make Money”
  • Two Things Are Certain: Debt and Taxes

  • Centralized Rule and the Constitution
  • Centralized Schools to Dumb Us Down

  • Shrinkwrapped and Hoodwinked by Big Ag
  • Media for the Masses, Junk Food for the Brain

  • The Clandestine Affair of Religion and Politics
  • False-Flag Operations and the Economics of War
  • Corporate Personhood and Indentured Citizens
  • Monopolies: The Modern Monarchs

Community Context: County Sovereignty

  1. The Right Size for Sovereignty: Local Governance
  2. Land and Resources: Farms, Yards, and Watersheds
  3. The Trickle-Down and Suction-Up of Money
  4. Local Currencies and Glocal Ordinances
  5. Boosting Local Production and Cooperation
  6. It Takes a Network to Undermine an Empire

A-Z Skills for Sovereignty

  1. Appliance-repair
  2. Beekeeping
  3. Chicken-raising
  4. Designing eco-homes
  5. Energy efficiency
  6. Freecyling and charitrade
  7. Green cleaning
  8. Homeopathy
  9. Industry for local markets
  10. Jerry-rigging anything
  11. Knitting and kneading
  12. Lyrics and
  13. Music
  14. Natural fibers
  15. Organic agriculture
  16. Preserving and canning
  17. Quake-readiness
  18. Radical recycling
  19. Solar cooking
  20. Transportation
  21. Upholstering
  22. Viticulture
  23. Water wisdom
  24. Xecuting livestock
  25. Yoga for farmers
  26. Zero-waste living

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