Two Half-Truths Don’t Make a Whole, and Other Rhetorical Devisives

DN Thursday, January 13, 2011: Research and write 200 words on the following topic:


When asked whether Wikileaks was “a threat to national security,” Julian Assange said, “We should all stop responding to that question unless it is well-phrased.” What did he mean by that, and how does the phrasing of a question frame the answer? Politicians and commentators have twisted Jared Loughlin’s intentions to serve their own agendas. Hilary Clinton told Yemen, “We have extremists in our country too.” Is Loughlin an extremist or an untreated schizophrenic? Chip Berlet uses Loughlin to discredit critics of Bilderberg and the Federal Reserve. Is there any relationship? Sarah Palin says that the act of one evil person can’t be blamed on political debate. Do an analysis of Sarah Palin’s “blood libel” speech and identify what makes her successful with so many Americans. What are the rhetorical devices she uses? Develop a catchy name for one of the rhetorical tricks and show how it works. What question could be posed to Sarah Palin that would disarm this device?

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