Baby It’s Cold Inside

DN Tuesday December 21, 2010: Please answer two of the following questions:Lpfm-celebrateAssange-screen

  1. Of the three WikiLeaks revelations in the DN headlines, pick one and give some more background from another source.
  2. Local Community Radio Act Passes in Congress: The UniverseCity is planned to be a network of sovereign microversities, joined by a common curriculum. The best of independent audio could be delivered to an internet radio station. This could be re-broadcast by any low-power FM station, and overridden when they wanted to broadcast their own material. Discuss how this protects their sovereignty while using the strength of networking.
  3. Part II…Feminists Debate Sexual Allegations against Julian Assange: Jaclyn Friedman says, “Everybody who’s participating with somebody else sexually has a responsibility to make sure that their partner is enthusiastic with what’s happening. I mean, really, in a practical sense, would you want to have sex with someone who is not enthusiastic? None of us would, I think, if we’re not sexual predators.” My question is, if no one ever initiated sex without making sure their partner was enthusiastic, would the human race have died out by now? Friedman also says “people are only having sex with people who are enthusiastic about what they’re doing at all times and enthusiastic about the circumstances. If you are pressuring your lover into something…if you are coercing them, if you are having sex with them without consent when they are asleep, that is not a moral actor.” As a bonus holiday question, do you consider the circumstances of the song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” to be coercive?
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  1. vcoraggio says:

    1) President George W. Bush in 2005 appointed Craig Stapleton as Ambassador to France. According to Wikileaks, Bush appointed Craig because Craig wanted to retaliate against France for banning Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Corn. They also were buds after Bush and Craig co-owned the Texas Rangers in the 1990s. Stapleton left office after gaining ownership of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. Monsanto is based in St. Louis. It’s not clear whether Stapleton’s retaliation was ever implemented but it’s very clear what team he played for.
    3) If everyone had to be enthusiastic every minute of every sexual encounter, as Jaclyn Friedman seems to think we should, there would be a lot more trashy novels and a lot more porn. People like a little aggression and coercing in the bedroom. The song “Baby, Its Cold Outside” is a perfect example. It’s been around forever and it is definitely coercive but it’s also sweet, romantic, and sexy…also hopefully not about date rape because it’s one of my favorite holiday songs.

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