God Bless Bradley Manning

DN Thursday, December 16, 2010: Please answer two of the three questions:


  1. New York City Consultants Charged in $80M Waste, Fraud Scheme: Who is Michael Bloomberg and what’s his history? Where does he rank in world wealth and how did he make his money?
  2. As WikiLeaks’ Assange Freed on Bail, Alleged Military Leaker Bradley Manning Imprisoned under Inhumane Conditions: Are there conditions under which whistleblowing (revealing secrets a corporation doesn’t want exposed) or espionage (revealing secrets a government doesn’t want exposed) would always be legitimate? Can you give an example from history of a time when everyone would agree that it was the moral thing to do? How do those circumstances compare to the present?
  3. Reps. Rush Holt and Raúl Grijalva on House Democratic Opposition to Obama’s Tax Deal with GOP: Is Social Security an insurance, where you get back what you pay for when you need it, or is it a welfare system? Should the government be required to pay back into Social Security what they “borrowed” from it, and to account for where it’s going currently?
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  1. vcoraggio says:

    1.Michael Bloomberg is the current Mayor of New York City and the tenth richest person in the US. He is the founder and eighty-eight percent owner of Bloomberg L. P., a financial news and information service media company. He was a lifelong Democrat until 2001 when he switched to Republican and became the Mayor. Then in 2007 he became an Independent and won a third term.
    2.I believe that unless any document that is released publicly will endanger people directly or will make companies lose money by other companies, not people, knowing their secret formula or something like that, I don’t see any other reason that publicizing documents should be illegitimate.
    3. Social Security is defined in Wikipedia as a social insurance program. So technically it should be like other insurances and give the people back their money when they need it. Also, yes, if the government takes money out of the Social Security Fund, it should be returned like any other insurer would have to.

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