Iceland & US Diplomacy Skating on Thin Ice

DN Monday, November 29, 2010 – Choose two questions to answer:


  1. WikiLeaks Releases Trove of Secret U.S. Diplomatic Cables: In one of the revealed documents, the US government admits that Honduras was a military coup. What’s the significance of this?
  2. Somali-Born Teen Arrested on Bomb Charges in Portland: What are your thoughts on 19-year-old Mohamed Osman Mohamud being paid in a CIA sting operation, supplied with materials, and blocked from leaving to take a job in Alaska? Is this sort of “terrorist-baiting” ethical? Why didn’t the sting operation target the real bombers whose arson burnt the Islamic Center two days after?
  3. 100,000 Protest In Ireland Over EU/IMF Bailout: Are Ireland’s and Iceland’s crises related to the currency centralization of the Euro? What is Ireland’s per capita debt? (hint: cited in 3P-054 Clash of the Continents: Climate Debt)
    1. The same episode lists Iceland’s per capita debt as $360,000 and 1000% of GDP. But when I went to the wikipedia source this time, it had data from 2002 instead that listed it at $10,000 per and 35% of GDP. So I published my first note on wikipedia talk to ask, “whassup?”
  4. U.S. Facing Global Diplomatic Crisis Following Massive WikiLeaks Release of Secret Diplomatic Cables: What is diplomatic immunity? If diplomats have been given the mandate to spy, should other countries give them immunity? Do you think Carne Ross, the British diplomat, is correct that no one will be shocked to learn about iris scans and DNA samples taken, or is he overly complacent? How will this affect future diplomacy for the US, do you think?
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  1. vcoraggio says:

    2) A nineteen year old Somalian man was trapped in a FBI sting where he lived in Portland, OR. He was prevented from taking a job in Alaska, then paid to set off a bomb at a Christmas Ceremony. Now he’s on trial for being a terrorist. This is not ethical . He was prevented from making money while surrounded by this FBI brainwashing. Sure, he’s guilty: guilty of desperation and being manipulated.

    4) Diplomatic Immunity is a form of legal immunity and a policy held between governments which ensures that diplomats are given safe passage and can’t be sued or prosecuted. (Wikipedia) Now, due to Wikileaks, other countries have proof that it was/is mandated that U.S. diplomats spy on other diplomats. I think this will have to change the way that diplomats can behave. They will feel they no longer have immunity and, in fact, their privacy and rights are being violated and taken advantage of. I’m not sure if it will change what other countries allow U.S. Diplomats to do but I do know that this has to change things. I felt the British diplomat was overly complacent – he seemed too casual and forgiving of the U.S. government tactics. He seemed to accept that spying and taking DNA was needed for security purposes. He excused it with an “everyones doing it nowadays, the U.S. public really shouldn’t be surprised.” Well, all I can say to that is, I sure was!

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