Shadow Wars and Guerilla Presidents

Today’s DN headlines included an attack on Arundhati Roy’s house by the Indian version of the Tea Party because of her position that Kashmir isn’t part of India to begin with. This is like saying Puerto Rico doesn’t belong to the US when we won it, well, square if not fair.

At the same time, Brazil elected Dilma Rousseff, their first female President. But that’s not the real significance – she’s also the first guerilla president, a former member of the armed resistance who was arrested and tortured for three years. What’s this world coming to when an insurgent can become President?

But in Yemen there may soon be US drone attacks and hunter-killer assassins who can kill without the permission of the Yemen government. This is in retaliation for the “printer bombs” that originated in Yemen and were sent to synagogues in Chicago. The British government “believes they were due to detonate mid-air,” and John Brennen, the White House counterterrorism advisor, agrees. Neither gives a reason for why Yemeni terrorists would want to blow up a Fed Ex cargo plane, nor why the mission failed.

Or did it? The tip-off for the printer, craftily buried in a box of books, scarves, and household goods, came from the US and the United Arab Emirates. Using the finest of sleuthing techniques, the woman was traced and arrested through the phone number she gave when she posted the package! This exceptionally clever explosive can be detonated by a mobile phone. However, I didn’t know that mobile phones could call into cargo planes. The same chemical was used by similarly inept underwear bomber, who flew without a passport, and the Times Square bomber, who conveniently left his wallet and house keys in the stolen car.

This woman who posted a bomb and gave Fed Ex her real phone number is now in a Yemeni prison, known for torture with acid and electricity. According to Amnesty International alleged terrorists have disappeared or have been detained for long periods without charge in Yemen’s secret prisons. The US gave Yemen $155.3 million “to carry out the necessary operations” in 2010.

A Wired article by Spencer Ackerman states it this way:

The intercontinental mail-bomb plot this weekend didn’t result in any fatalities. But if its real purpose was to draw the United States deeper into Yemen, where the plot was hatched, then it might be a different kind of success. An intense and more lethal CIA role in Yemen, without cooperation from the weak Yemeni government, might be imminent, indicating that another undeclared war is about to intensify.

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Saleh, Yemen’s President, is on-line to receive another $1.2 billion in military aid from the US. This may persuade him to open up some airports for launching drone attacks – impunity’s weapon of choice. Is it ever moral to kill for a cause you wouldn’t die for? And then, if there are floods in Yemen, they can divert the water from the airbase and let God do the military’s dirty work.

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