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Egypt Overthrows the Pharaoh

DN Wednesday, February 2, 2011: Please answer all questions: Pro-Mubarek agitators have entered the square on camel- and horseback, inflicting violence and particularly targeting Al-Jazeera journalists. They’ve been identified as being security forces in civilian clothes, oil company employees, and … Continue reading

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Two Half-Truths Don’t Make a Whole, and Other Rhetorical Devisives

DN Thursday, January 13, 2011: Research and write 200 words on the following topic: When asked whether Wikileaks was “a threat to national security,” Julian Assange said, “We should all stop responding to that question unless it is well-phrased.” What … Continue reading

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Paying Reparations Forward

DN Wednesday, December 29, 2010: Discuss the following questions with your family: Allan Nairn believes that the middle class should pay the indigenous people back for their “unearned inheritance” – good food, clean water, safe neighborhoods, warm houses, all “given” … Continue reading

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Derrick Jensen – The Everything Guy

DN Friday, November 26, 2010 Author and Activist Derrick Jensen: “The Dominant Culture is Killing the Planet…It’s Very Important for Us to Start to Build a Culture of Resistance” Answer one of the following questions in a paragraph, using a … Continue reading

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